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gGRASS is grass seed on a roll

You don’t need to have green fingers, just a love for nature. With gGRASS, you’re all set to go! Use it in your garden, sports fields, roof gardens, wherever!

Just unroll it, cover it, water it and watch it grow.

Why seed on a roll

Placing & fixing seeds between 2 layers – embedding it between a backing and a coating layer – creates an ideal growth environment around the seed. Seed on a roll are easily planted as a nice random seedbed with many growth-enhancing additives nearby.

To guarantee a uniform, dense start the seeds are placed on a support that absorbs, distributes and holds water.

Let’s make the world a greener place

That’s our ambition. We live in a hectic world, often too busy to notice the beauty of nature. Smell it, touch it, feel it – nature is energy, it recharges our batteries and makes us feel good. No tiles, no concrete and, especially, no artificial turf.

Enjoy more natural green grass.

The power of gGRASS:

  • high quality grass seed
  • no herbicide; natural suppression
  • high seed germination
  • precise random seedbed
  • bio-stimulants inside
  • water buffering
  • no seed loss by birds, wind or rain
  • fully biobased and biodegradable

gGRASS is the perfect start to a healthy, low maintenance and beautiful lawn.

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gGRASS Sport & Play turf

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