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My name is GRASS. Greenius GRASS.

My name is GRASS. Greenius GRASS.

The story of gGRASS

It all started with the company founder’s lawn, it was not looking good and had bare patches. After getting frustrated by the poor results of sowing grass seed and the hassle of ordering turf, he carefully sprinkled grass seeds on a biodegradable mat and used that to fill in the bare patch on the lawn. He covered it with soil and kept it watered for a week.

The result was amazing! Within a short space of time the grass had grown, with the added bonus of no weeds.

The seed-embedding dream

gGRASS is the tradename for products developed and manufactured by S+dB, the company behind the seed-embedding technology. S+dB is the Dutch abbreviation for Jack and the Beanstalk; a metaphor to express the ambitions we have to shake-up the seed cultivation market.

S+dB’s vision and mission started with an image of a controlled micro-climate around a plant seed that guarantees supply of water, oxygen and nutrients at the right amount, at the right time and that it easily accessible for the seed & root. This environment should also protect seed from bio-stresses caused by different soil qualities, pests and weather conditions. A start-up company was born, supported by the backing of a regional investment fund, alongside four experienced agro-angel investors.

The ambition with this innovative planting method is a major step forward to address the global challenges of climate change, declining availability of arable land, population growth and the high usage of chemical growth-stimulating and protecting products that cause health implications to people and the environment.

After many ‘trial & error’ steps, evaluation of numerous raw materials and time-consuming field trials, with often contradicting outcomes, this campaign is the commercial kick-off and an important step forward to make growing seeds more successful and sustainable. We are now also linking our technology to other seeds; from wild flowers to vegetable crops.

The team

The S+dB founders Frank & Gerard are two mechanical engineers with a complementary background. Frank build a career in manufacturing & product development; Gerard has a sales & business development background. Working at Velcro Companies (producers of f.e. VELCRO® Brand hook & loop tapes) our paths crossed and there our eureka plant seed idea happened.

This creative technology solution – and financial support of a regional investment company and three agro-veterans – was the beginning of our company. Since then our development efforts have been supported by various seed houses and many other players in the industry.

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