gGRASS Sport & Play turf – 25m²

Seed mat for 25m². Regenerating perennial ryegrass with high wear tolerance. Suitable for new seeding and overseeding.


Do you want to create a lawn as strong as iron? With gGRASS Sport & Play grass seed roll mats you easily create a solid and dense green lawn. Suitable for intense use and self repairing.

The perfect seedbed on the layer, reduces the chance for deseases and mould. No bare patches and strong growth.

The layer is the perfect seedbed for a good start. It creates a vigorous root structure, meaning less upkeep. gGRASS is completely biodegradable, as it is made using only natural products.

√ Premium quality grass seeds of Barenbrug
√ Fast and dense grass
√ Natural weed surpression
√ Less upkeep
√ Easy to lay


50% RPR – self regenerating perennial ryegrass
50% Lolium perenne

(Barenbrug RPR – Sport)

Laying period:

From March to November at a temperature of 15°C to 25°C. For best results: from April to June or August to September.


Suitable for new seeding and overseeding.

Soil type: any
Wear tolerance: excellent
Growth habit: perennial with determinate stolons
Leaf width: simular to traditional perennial ryegrass
Rooting depth: 20-25 mm
Growing height: 35 mm
Mowing height: from 20 mm
Mowing frequency: average

Click here for detailed specifications of the grass seed.


25 m² biodegradable grass seed mat


Prepare the ground and level it

Step 1: Prepare the ground and level it

Fasten the mat down and roll it out

Step 2: Fasten the mat down at one end and roll it out

Water the grass

Step 3: Water it untill grass shoots appear

Enjoy the your new lawn

Step 4: After just 8-10 weeks you can enjoy your beautiful, green, new lawn!

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